Animals & Zones

The Farm

In this zone you will get introduced to


They are the worlds largest bird which can’t fly.


They are the worlds second largest bird

Dwarf Cows

These are the mini cows with distinct and attractive features.


we have different kinds of native ducks with distinct features


It is one of the oldest domestic animal which has been part of ancient people’s life.

Dwarf Goats

These miniature goats are special attraction among kids because of their playful nature.


Normally you will get to see black or white turkeys. On top of these we have bourbon Turkeys which are bright red in Color.

Mini Horses

The miniature horses are a big attraction among kids because of their small size and big personality.

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The idea of interactive bird park is inspired from “Welt Vogelpark Walsrode”, Germany. It is further tailored to our native lifestyle by our Founder Vishaknath Venkatrajan.

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